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Allow Offline Payments

It would be VERY useful to allow us to add offline payment methods on quotes or on a form. Currently, it appears you can only set as "no payment", "hubspot payments" or "Stripe". Really missing a custom option here. 


We have cases where our billing team needs to issue an invoice and get paid via check, cash, or wire. 

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100%, on invoices we need to be able to allow our customers to pay by check and either remove the ACH/CC line completely or give the additional option to pay by check. 


Full agree!  Customer send us checks and direct ACH payments reguarly.  We are coming over from Chargebee and you can apply "offline" payments to an order that makes the "subscription" active.  We need this feature in HubSpot payments.


Strong agreement on this. If we could somehow use an offline payment option on a form to track revenue as a Payment that would be very useful. As a nonprofit we receive payments in the form of checks and ACH all the time. It's quite cumbersome to have to create a Deal in order to track such payments, which I'm doing as a workaround. Furthermore, if we track the revenue as a Deal it is not a Payment, and then we have to look at two different record types to fully understand our revenue. A much better option would be the ability to manually create a Payment record.

Thank you for your response, as a non-profit we accept 95% of our payments by check as well, to be able to add that option to our invoices seems like a super easy option.
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Hey everyone! Glad to announce that you can manually mark invoices as paid and create a payment object with Commerce Hub. I recorded this quick video to show the steps 


@EmilyNunes this is fantastic to hear, looks like it functions great! 

However, the new bottleneck is that we arent enrolled in HubSpot payments due to our payments being processed in our ERP, using as our credit card processor. 


That being said, because we arent enrolled in HS Payments we're restricted to only creating draft invoices in our HubSpot account. If we're collecting payments offline/outside of HubSpot, it'd be great to at least be able to use HubSpot's invoices with this offline payment option. Seems silly that we need to be enrolled in HubSpot payments, even if we're not going to use it as a payment method.  

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@EmilyNunes the trouble is that the people we get cash/check payments from do not have email addresses! I can't create invoices for people I don't have an email address for. I tried creating an invoice and then associating it with a contact without an email address as a workaround and also not possible. I tried creating the invoice from a deal, but it requires a contact (which if I create a new one it then requires me to add an email address). Would love an option that doesn't require an email address. I know that there are downsides with duplicate contacts, and there may be regulatory requirements about notification depending upon the jurisdiction, but that's something that we can handle offline as well if needed.




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this would be incredibly helpful!

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Completely agree!!  This solution is built for ecommerce type of sales and NOT manual sales.  We are trying to set up a system for a client that would like to move away from a two platform system (HubSpot and QBO) that is disconnected.  They would prefer to leave QBO completely and only utilize HubSpot for their needs.  They are a service company that generates hundreds of outbound invoices weekly based on billable time.  Their clients then pay directly through a preset ACH withdrawl into their bank.  In order for this client to be able to use HubSpot the invoicing has to allow for NO payment and bulk acceptance of payments.