Allow Multiple Images for Instagram

While multiple images are allowed for Twitter and Facebook, only one is allowed for Instagram. All other social media scheduling platforms allow for multiple, can we get that capability in HubSpot as well?

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Would also like hashtag searches as well.

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We, too, would really like to see this feature from Hubspot. It really hampers our ability to conduct our Social Media Campaigns as they are regularly centered around multiple images.

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Yes, please! I have to post vendor provided content, exactly as provided.  I have 4 images, so now I'll have to load them from my phone and won't be able to track the post Smiley triste


Yea, their implementation is really lacking.  @ and # lookups are non-existent.  No support for multiple images.  I've basically given up on the HS social media posting, except for those campaigns that I really need / want to track. 


About the only thing that you can really do, is to put replace your link, temporarily, in your profile and direct people to use that link, and then put it in as a trackable URL. LinkTree does this very well, for linking to multiple sites/landing pages.



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Agreed. If Hubspot allowed both this and location tagging, it would beat out other social media platforms such as Buffer. It's nearly 2020, as a social media tool this is laughable that these two simple features have not been implemented yet? 

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Desperately needed! I post vendor provided content that must be posted as is, and they're sending 4 image sets that I'm not able to post through HubSpot.  Not only am I not able to have date captured through the HubSpot tool, but I'm wasting time downloading content to my phone so I can add it to Insta.

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This is something we would like to have as well. It would be super useful to be able to schedule carousels on Instagram!

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If they cannot add this feature due to IG, it would be nice to be able to add a campaign to a post after the fact. So if we had to post this through the IG Creator Studio we could then go back and link it to the correct campaign once it was posted and showed up on the reports. 


I understand that IG is the real hurdle here but this is a way to get around some of the hassles mentioned above. 

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Agreed! It definitely limits our posting capabilities. Would be great to streamline this so we don't have to post from different locations based off the number of images.

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Yes please. If I want to post nultiple images, then it's a trade off between either just selecting one image so I can have the post data in hubspot or posting multiple and not getting that data in hubspot.

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HI @hubspot 


Please please please can you implement the features for Instagram: 

1. Multiple Images

2. Multiple languages

3. ALT Text on images


These are 3 vital things that are missing really only for your Insta IP... but standard in the Insta platform for so long now.

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I find HS social really basic and lacking a lot of features to make social media management more effective. The data doesn't seem right either when it comes to interactions generated. Good to know others are having the same issues. 

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Yes, we also need to be able to post multiple images to Instagram


Excellent idea. Functionality required to use Hubspot for Instagram