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Allow More Fields in Pop-Up Forms

I would like to see the ability to add more than four fields to a pop-up form. While I can imagine some reasons for the logic behind keeping forms in pop-ups to a minimum (mainly, I'm guessing it probably makes it more likely that people will fill it out), I would prefer to make the decision as to how many fields are too many and measure the results to draw my own conclusions.

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Been hoping for this capability for awhile now. HubSpot, any updates???


I'm not sure who decided only 4 fields were needed here... who was that guy and what was the rationale? The pop-up also needs customization on size (let me go a bit bigger), image size (why so small?), and background options (let me set an image as the background). The pop-up works great for our markets but it hasn't changed in many, many years. I think I started using the pop-up featured in 2014, maybe. I'm unaware of any changes to the feature set in 9 years.


@hubspot Years have passed. What has HubSpot done to address this issue? 


Please, this is much needed.  My  company uses nine fields in our forms for new lead generation. At the moment, we used embedded forms, but we need to redesign our interface and the reduced number of fields limit us. Please, a lt of people need it. 


We need this outing Hubspot to take it into account. We are the ones who must decide how many fields to include in our popup forms.