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Allow More Fields in Pop-Up Forms

I would like to see the ability to add more than four fields to a pop-up form. While I can imagine some reasons for the logic behind keeping forms in pop-ups to a minimum (mainly, I'm guessing it probably makes it more likely that people will fill it out), I would prefer to make the decision as to how many fields are too many and measure the results to draw my own conclusions.

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I'm in complete agreement. We are migrating over to Hubspot and currently use a very successful pop up on our website that requires 7 fields of information. We have a good sign up rate, so it seems visitors aren't put off from having to fill out 7 (pretty easy) fields and the data is critical to how we communicate and manage those new leads.

It would be great to get a response from the Hubspot developers to see if this is possible/probable!


I agree as well as i'm hoping this will resolve alot of the form issues we are experiencing.  We have moved across to Hubspot and want to embed the Hubspot form on our website.  However we need it to be a pop-up form and perform and look as the existing form does


Our form is created in Gravity then integrates with Zapier to Hubspot.  This means that if the contact is in our database now, it doesn't show the fields we already have information about them, and if a customer is lazy filling our their details, it just overrides what we already have.  We aren't able to stop this.  The form also doesn't feed into the Hubspot metrics because they aren't embeded.  And the next issue we have is that  I can't create a workflow around when a form gets submitted because it's not embed.   


When I brought it up with our web designers this is the response I received:

"After speaking with the developers about this it looks like we actually wouldn’t be able to style the form the same as the existing one. The reason for this is because of the way the Hubspot form integrates with the website it uses a script to load the form within an iframe. Due to the nature of how iframes work you can’t actually edit the contents within an iframe on your website. An iframe is basically a window to another website so you can edit everything around it, as it’s the website we host, but we can’t customise what is inside it and how it looks. This also means we wouldn’t be able to dynamically populate the 'Product Regarding' field as Hubspot suggested as we wouldn’t be redirecting to the form and it would be a popup containing the form. 

(Product Regarding filed to auto populate the product name depending on the page where form is placed on. You would be able to do so by using a query string (see the article here: Auto-populate form fields with a query string<>) 
You can set your landing page URL as following:
Landingpage url?product_regarding=productnam e

"In terms of moving forward with the form we would have to continue to use the Gravity Form so that field can autopopulate and the form can be styled but it means those additional fields/functionality of Hubspot isn’t available.

If Hubspot were to increase the amount of fields you could have, would it solve all the other issues I'm trying to resolve with forms?




Hi there,


On our website we have a pop-up enquiry form on every product page within our website  which was designed as Gravity form, integrated with Zapier to drop into Hubspot.  Because the form isn't an embedded Hubspot form, none of the fields pre-populate with information we may already have about the contact.  If they are lazy in filling out the form (which has happened), the incorrect information can then override the contacts details as they can't see what information is already there.  We want to avoid customers overriding the correct information but still allow them to update their details.


Gravity created Pop-Up formGravity created Pop-Up form

In order for the form to look and function the same was as our current form, it needs to be a pop-up.  But the Hubspot pop-up only allows a maximum of 4 fields.  That doesn't work for our business.


I've looked at every possible solution and have come up with dead ends.  The best option is to use the Hubspot pop-up form, but we need additional fields as used in the normal form builder.






Yes, this is much needed - why limit the number of fields to only 4? My business also needs more fields in our forms for new lead generation.


Yes please!!


I also agree that allowing us more fields would allow for more flexibility. I currently have my forms set up with hidden lead source fields to help designate where the lead is coming from and the campaign I would like to tie it to. We use Salesforce as our CRM and have lead assignments that are contingent on lead source. Allowing more fields, or at least hidden fields allows me to create the workflow and data I need. 


This is needed desperately. 


I am going to have to pull my lead gen pop-ups because I can't qualify the leads with just four fields. I need a fifth field - Company Name in this instance - to ensure we're not wasting time with leads in industries we don't serve. 


Let's all coordiante to submit a ticket at the same time to get the limit increased on the number of fields on pop-up forms. Maybe if they get a bunch of service tickets at once, they'll notice.

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post. Your feedback helps us build better products.


I think this a great Idea! I'm happy to say we are currently reviewing this request and its feasibility. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but all updates will be relayed on this thread.

I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work.



I agree with the community, this is urgently needed. I am trying to add newsletter categories to a pop-up form but I am restricted to only 3 (+email address). Is there a way to use a third party solution in conjunction with Hubspot Forms?


Totally agree - 4 fields really doesn't allow you to capture enough information - at the moment we're capturing first name, company, country and email address...but to create a valuable contact we ideally also want last name and job title.


Yes, self-determination for all 🙂  ... to decide how many questions should appear on a pop-up. We want to ask page visitors about their areas of interest. We have 9 disciplines (wellness, yoga, meditation, etc.) and they can choose multiple, checkboxes, easy, not overwhelming. Thank you for moving this to Being Reviewed!


I agree! We really need to be able to customize our pop-up forms. Some forms are ok to be longer based on the specifics. 


Yes, we as marketers should be able to make the sole decision on how many fields for a popup. We need at least two more for our business to capture needed information.

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Requested again and again by the HubSpot user community in my company! Either allow unlimited numbers, if this is not possible, additional 2 fields would already help a lot.


Hello, in my team we REALLY need this idea to be done please.

We need more than 4 champs in our forms.


There is a solution with help of developers but we have got HUBSPOT to be more independent form them...


We use also ELEMENTOR for our Blog and the creations of forms popup is really easy, I dont understand this limitation.


Hope this could be taken serioulsy,


thank you,


I'm onboard with this one, big time. One of the ways we use ours as a way for someone to request a quote before they exit. Without one more field, I'm unable to direct such a hot lead to the proper team -- wasting valuable time.


Following up on this request as it is 2 years later. Is there movement here? We are currently having to use a plugin to make this possible which requires extra development time that could be saved if there were an unlimited number of fields. I agree with those above who said it is our job as marketers to ensure we are keeping our forms clear and concise. 


We would love to see this change as well! In the meantime, does anyone recommend a plugin I can use for these pop up forms to allow more fields? 4 doesn't do anything for us.


It's been two years, any updates for this request? We really need this.