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Allow Meeting Time as a Personalization Token

Given that there are limitations to Meeting Notifications, it would be ideal to allow a "Meeting Time" option available as a personalization token that can be used in multiple settings. This could even be included as part of the existing "Last Meeting Booked" personalization token data.


In our context, we want multiple people to be aware of upcoming booked meetings, but the only data that is currently useable is the Meeting Date, which lacks the important time information.

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upvoting! would be handy to send reminders with the time, especially since meeting confirmation notifications cannot be customized.

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Writing on behalf of a customer - they have a HubSpot intake form they are using prior to a customer's onboarding kickoff call and are trying to send an automated email when the customer submits the form that says "thanks so much for submitting the form. We will review it prior to our kickoff call scheduled for _______________" we could use the date of last meeting booked with the meeting tool, but there are some rare circumstances when the onboarding specialist would book it manually so this wouldn't always work. I tried building a workflow that says if a meeting is scheduled with this type, set a custom date property, but it only lets me set the date property to today's date or a static date. So I'd love the ability to either do this with a workflow or have a date proeprty just exist that I can pull into the email as a personalization token.


We are also in need of this!

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Also need this for aa few clients ! 

Thanks team Hubspot 🙂