Allow Meeting Time as a Personalization Token


Given that there are limitations to Meeting Notifications, it would be ideal to allow a "Meeting Time" option available as a personalization token that can be used in multiple settings. This could even be included as part of the existing "Last Meeting Booked" personalization token data.


In our context, we want multiple people to be aware of upcoming booked meetings, but the only data that is currently useable is the Meeting Date, which lacks the important time information.

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It would be nice to know when the actual meeting is via a property.


We would to automate follow up tasks on Deals.


Example: meeting is scheduled. meeting happens (or not). deal owner should change the deal status and/or stage... if this change does not occur with 2 days of the actual meeting - then either the deal owner forgot - or the meeting was missed.



Same needs,...


I need this! We want to be able to send text reminders and put the date/time of the meeting in them. 


Upcoming booked meeting time would be great for auto-confirmation emails. 


We'd love this feature too! 


This would be great because we can't personnalized the confirmation email for a meeting so with this token we could use an email in a workflow. Thanks !

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Currently, even though the datetime property "Date of last meeting booked in meetings tool" exists, when used as a personalizaton token, only the date info surfaces, but not the time info.


This would be really useful for customers who are looking to send more personalized meeting notification/ reminder emails.


Meeting date without the time is basically useless for workflows. You can't send a client something related to a meeting without including the time. What is the point of having a token which only displays half of the information related to that property?

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! Much needed when it comes to sending out pre-meeting reminder notifications or emails with meeting date and time


Hearing this from customers, as well!

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This a very important feature to send out a meeting confirmation email via a workflow. I don't understand, why the existing personalization token only works with the meeting-tool and not with a manualy set meeting in the timeline. If anybody has an intellgent workaround, let me know. 

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Hey @Roger 


1. Create a property on the contact object to store that will store the "meeting url"

2. Create a workflow, trigger criteria Owner is Known, Re-enrollment=Yes.

3. If Owner = A then set Metting url to "https://meetingurlofA", Owner = B...., etc.


Someone has to maintain it... pretty silly - but it works.


Also, I think Hubspot Users should be a first class object in hubspot that allows the creation of properties against, and to be able to use them in workflows.




Hubspot's meeting tool is a great idea, but I've run into a problem with it; when using personalization tokens related to a meeting's date, such as the "Date of last meeting booked in meetings tool", the system only shows the date, not the date and time. 


We use personalization tokens as a part of custom-made internal emails showing information when someone has filled out certain forms, and showing both the date and time would be a big help in collecting all of the data from a form or a set of them in one place. Currently, we have to look in the meetings tool or in Google Calendar to get the exact time while everything else is in the internal email, which is not ideal. This information would be a big help for everyone involved in data gathering and using the data, such as for attracting potential clients.