Allow Meeting Links sent from Tickets to auto-associate resultant Meetings with the Ticket


Often, Tickets need to be resolved over a screenshare, and Meetings have been invaluable in making that easier. However, when the Meeting is booked, it ends up only associated with the Company and the Contact. If working off the Ticket alone, as most support-focused reps do, there's no indication of when the meeting is happening or even that a meeting was booked. It is possible to manually associate those Meetings with the Ticket, but only if you're lucky enough to catch the notification, which is harder for high-traffic reps. 


It would be tremendous if the link for a Meeting inserted in a Ticket by selecting Meetings -> the meeting link you want to insert from the Email editor could include a URL parameter to associate any Meetings made through that link with the Ticket from which it was sent. 

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

This behaviour seems to be applied to meetings created from conversations as well.  When a conversation is set to create new tickets, somehow the meeting inside the conversation is not automatically associated with the ticket created.

This doesn't make sense on our end since the conversation technically created the ticket? As such, the association should be there. Hope we can look at this.


Please look at this as I am reliant on the ticket being associated with the meeting for workflows.  I need the process to be as automated as possible and not subject to users forgetting to link the ticket to the meeting.  Thank you.


Oh-my-double-goodness this is ridiculously needed!

Along with this would be meeting templates as well to superpower what our reps can do! 


Come on, hubspotties! Make this happen!


Three weeks from last activity. Is anyone @hubspot able to at least acknowledge this and potentially help with any workarounds?


This should be implemented really fast. Or did you have any othe workarounds?