Allow Lists tools for Sales/Pro users

I'm a little confused why access to the Lists tool is limited to Marketing users - it seems like it would make a lot of sense for my sales guys to be able to make their own hot lists. As it is, I either have to enable Marketing permissions for them (which means teaching them new ways of navigating through the platform), or volunteer to make their lists myself (which is not scalable at all as a solution).


Make Lists access part of Sales Professional - you're already extracting an additional subscription fee for those above-and-beyond-the-CRM features, adding this one doesn't feel like it should require a new set of permissions.

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This would make life easier!


Although the one caveat - I have concerns that giving more access could lead to accidents (me messing up a sales list - sales messing up a marketing list - I have this same concern with workflows which are now accessible on the sales side).

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Late to this conversation but we have had similar debates in our team, so I thought I would add our decision.


The conclusion is, sales use filters, marketing use lists. There is too much risk that a list could be changed/deleted when a workflow or scheduled emails etc. rely on lists.

Sales should be able to find almost everything they need through filters and worst case, marketing creates the list, then sales access it through filters, using the 'list membership' option.