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Allow Last Sequence Enrolled property to be "text" not "numeric"

I am trying to create some reports on Sequences yet when I use the property, "last sequence enrolled" it is a numeric value, not alphanumeric/text.    Why would I want to display a number in a report and not the actual name of the Sequence?  I recommend creating a Last Sequence Enrolled by Name so reporting can be more useful for tracking and management. 


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Agreed, it's currently manageable but very confusing and hard to report on. Would love to see this improved.


With chat support, here's the "shortcut" I got in how to look up the sequences... not ideal, but could work short term:


Ok, so I just checked and was able to confirm that this is the expected behavior for the property as the property is set up as a number field. Unfortunately, we don't have any way of customizing that field, so the easiest thing to do here would be to copy that number and then view a sequence in your portal. From there, in the URL bar when viewing the sequence you can paste in the number from that property (with the commas removed) and then hit enter to load the sequence, as you're correct that the number corresponds with the sequence ID. Alternatively you could set up a new property and workflow to set the new property with the name of the sequence based on the ID in that field, however this would require an if/then branch for each sequence in the portal, and would require updating whenever you create a new sequence, so getting to the sequence via the id in that field would likely be the quickest option here.

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+1 to this for several customers I've spoken with. I think it would be more intuitive and helpful for users to see the Sequence's name instead of the ID. If anything, perhaps it would be great if by default it shows the Sequence Name and hovering over the property would provide the ID. 


This would be super helpful! As of now, if you use that property in a report, it's pretty useless. Changing the property to single line text would make that data actually useable in reporting!