Allow Import for multi-currency prices for product Library

The new multi-currency feature is wonderful, however, when importing products via CSV, the 'product price' column maps only to default set company currency. We need the ability to match multiple currency columns from the .csv import to additional currencies set up in the account. e.g. if I have 1000s of products that we sell at different price points around the world (different currencies), I will not be able to import these currencies directly and would need to manually edit them, which will take weeks and potentially a lot of human error to enter these all manually via the web interface.

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Jan 2, 2019

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most definetely useful, lucky we only have 52 products. 

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I just did this with feedback from the support team.

Here are the column headers I used:

Name,Product description,Product price,Cost of goods sold,Price [GBP],Price [USD],Price [EUR]

The only problem I have is it seems to import duplicates rather than upating/overwriting...

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