Allow Hubspot Forms to link to Salesforce Campaign Member Fields

It would be helpful if fields in Hubspot Forms could map to campaign member fields in Salesforce. In Salesforce, a Campaign Member is a record type which allows a Contact or Lead to be involved in multiple Campaigns. When a Contact is added to a Campaign, a Campaign Member record is created. 


This functionality would help with managing multiple concurrent forms in Hubspot. If you have multiple forms in Hubspot running concurrently, e.g. two dinner RSVP's (Form A & B), in order to have accurate campaign member information, it is necessary to have 2 dietary restriction fields, 2 guest fields, 2 additional information fields, etc. If you don't, then the response in Form A will override the response in Form B. If Form fields could be mapped to the campaign member fields this would not be a problem as each campaign would have a unique response. 


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This sounds like a great idea that would be useful to many SF and Hubspot users. That way a contact property wouldn't have to be created every time any information would need to be mapped over to a record in a specific campaign. I hope to see this implemented in the future!

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Even for simple use cases of being able to set what the forms goes to by default. Right now there isn't any control and it just goes to "Responded" vs "Sent". I'm not even sure what happens if you customize your SFDC camapign statuses and you don't have either of them. It's a little odd because in a HubSpot workflow you can specify the campaign member status. So not sure why forms wouldn't be on parity with workflows in that regard.

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You can customize the campaign member statuses and Hubspot workflows can update them based on the statuses assigned to that campaign.

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The ability to update campaign member statuses and workflows based on the status is great, but only the beginning of the possibilities. I would love the ability to update more than just the status. E.g.  Is the attendee bringing a guest? If so- that is synced to the campaign member and not the contact


Currently for Hubspot to update this in SFDC, you would have to have a unique field on the contact record, thus cluttering up the contact- it would be great if we could update this kind of information on the campaign member record and not have to continue to clutter up the Contact record.