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Allow Filtering by Deactivated Users in the CRM

In tryind to reassign company records associated with deactivated users in the CRM, I found that there was no way to filter by deactivated user name.  Adding this feature would make it much easier to perform administrative tasks.  Perhaps this should only be available to Sales Administrators?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @trevorjones71, thanks for posting! Your ideas are important to HubSpot, as well as to other customers whose needs might fit this feature request. Our Product Managers regularly review top voted ideas, and will put every effort into implementing ideas that will benefit the majority of HubSpot's user base and fit in with our product roadmap.


While it is indeed not possible to filter contacts by a "Deactivated user" value in your CRM, due to the fact that that contact property value is no longer recognized as valid once the user is removed from the system, I might have a workaround for you that could allow you to identify those users who have a HubSpot Owner that is no longer valid.


One way of doing this would be to export all of the contacts in your portal, making sure that the "HubSpot Owner" property is included in the export. Then, in the resulting file, sort the HubSpot Owner column alphabetically; this will allow you to easily identify contacts who have an "Unknown User" value for HubSpot Owner. You can then change these values to the owners you'd like, and re-import the file.


Let me know if this is helpful to your problem!

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Community Manager
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Hi @trevorjones71, you could also filter by 'contact owner - is none of' and select all users, this way you'll only see unassigned contacts and those assigned to a deactivated user!

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@clioi, your suggestion above does work but does have limitations.

1. If you have a lot of users on a team (we have 80 sales altogether and up to 10 per team), this gets tedious.

2. If you have contacts and companies that were never assigned a branch/team, then you miss some of them by filtering out other users.


Would love the ability to just filter by deactivated user and be done with it.