Allow Editing of contact and companies in table view

When you're in table view it would be really useful to be able to enter edit mode and be able to manually edit elements in the table, for example, wanting to edit telephone numbers on after another without needing to go into each contact or company records detail screen.


Some of my data was imported and so in the telephone number field have some email address for example. If I arranged the table view with Telphone number column next to the email column and could then be able to click into each property make a change or copy it and past it into the other without the need to open the company or contact record a HUGE productivity increase. 

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Completely agree - this really slows down work with large numbers of records across  contacts / companies / deals / tickets.


Many people have already had this issue in one way or another e.g.


This would represent a major UX improvement - please consider developing Smiley Happy