Allow Different Types of Workflow to Communicate


Right now, when you create a contact, company, or ticket workflow, that workflow can only communicate with those same type of workflows. There are situations where I may want those to crossover and don't currently have th ability to do so.


For example, if a ticket is created pushing out a notification to the associated contact's owner letting them know they have an open ticket. There's only currently a way to push out a notification or task to the TICKET owner, not the CONTACT owner. And you could create a separate contact workflow, but when you're selecting which workflow you want to connect it to, you're only given the option of other ticket or contact workflows. 

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This would also be helpful with tokens. I.E. Allowing a contact token to to inserted into a task in a company workflow. 


It would be really helpful to be able to create follow up tasks for contact owners based on ticket activity. I support this!


I think this is a big flaw in the Hubspot workflows and this way you can't get full controll over your workflows and unlock the full potential it has. You don't have the same triggers that you can set, that really depends on if you choose contacts or company workflow. And you can't send contacts who are in a company workflow and redirect them to a contact workflow.


You can enroll in another workflow but only workflows of the same type.

It would really help if you can send them to another workflow type and get the full benefits of both type of workflows.