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Allow Default Text in Quote to Be Edited OR Allow a Zero (0) Value for Taxes in Quotes

Within the quote tool, you can set whether to add a separate tax to the product or not.  If you opt to not include a separate tax, default text displays which reads "This total doesn't include any applicable taxes."  

Default No Tax Text.pngThe issue is that our products already include tax so this text is misleading.  We build the tax into the product price.  We'd like a way to remove this default text OR to allow a tax to be added with a zero (0) value so that the text is removed.


Zero Tax.png


2 Replies
New Contributor

 Having the same problem here.


All my services prices already include taxes and I don't want to show taxes as separated.  


Without this feature I am not able to use the feature.

New Member

Same problem here. Hope it's solved as quickly as possible, so I will start to use the quote feature.