Allow Deals Pipeline to be Organized by Contact

It would be very helpful to be able to have a pipeline that is contact-centric rather than focused on individual deals.


In my specific case, customers often place several small sample orders prior to placing a large full order. Our actual sales pipeline looks something like this:


Small Samples > Full Samples > Closed Won (full order place)


However, I'm currently unable to represent this accurately in Hubspot because each order creates a new deal and new addition to the pipeline. I end up with customers appearing in multiple places on the pipeline at one time and have deals that never leave the early stages of the pipeline when, in reality, these orders have converted and should be Closed Won.


I've tried using workflows to get around this but haven't had any luck their either.


I think we need to the ability to have a pipeline that nests all deals associated with one contact together so the person appears in the pipeline only once and can move up or down the pipeline based on the contents of their most recent deal (or total spend between all deals).

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