Allow Customization of Preview Panel and Record Right Sidebar

I am implementing HubSpot Sales and CRM company-wide. We are starting with the most important features and rolling out 'nice-to-haves' as adoption increases. We are not using Tickets, Workflows, Memberships, or Playbooks at this time. Those features (and others_ automatically show in the preview and right sidebar (in a record). Seeing these features confuses our new users and makes the system seem overly complex and thus overwhelming. I would like the ability to limit content on preview and right sidebar panes similar to the ability already available in the left sidebar on records. This will greatly increase the usability of the system for new users. It is also a standard feature of several competitor systems. Thank you for considering my idea.

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I have a similar request when looking at a deal in Hubspot, within the right-side panel viewer where contact, accounts, etc are shown. 


Under the contact where it has name, title, email, etc, I would like to be able to customize and bring in one extra field. 

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A must for our company as well to implement successfully. Showing the phone number of the company is irrelevant for us in the deal record view. I'd like to be able to switch for a more relevant property. 




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I just asked about this as well and really support it! We aren't using a lot of the capabilities (ie tickets) and so it makes it a bit busy looking for our team - who we are trying to keep super focused and streamlined on updating visible fields. Would be great to remove them.

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100% agreed on all of this.


Similarly, Tickets show a TON of information that isn't applicable, and not even being able to reorder is a big issue.


This should be a simple change for big impact.

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Since Deal and Contact properties are different.  When one of our users is in deals and selects a PLAYBOOK they are frustrated because they can not enter the information in correctly becuase our PLAYBOOKs captures contact properties and not deal properties.


Two potential solutions:

1. Ability to change right side bar view

2. Ability to pick where a PLAYBOOK is displayed (Contact only, deal only or contact and deal. 

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Hi there, I would love to see more customization ability in the right side preview section too. Specifically, it would be incredibly helpful to display Tasks and Notes whenever I preview a Contact record, Deal record, etc. Additionally, it'd be wonderful also to have Notes included in the preview section of the Gmail Sales extension! Thanks Hubspot for your time and for listening to our ideas/suggestions.

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We really need a quick overview of the latest notes. It is a must for salespeople to be effective. Ideally, we would like to see this in the deal card like the picture. It takes to much time for sales to go in on every company to see the latest activity. This is a must have!



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this functionality is absolutely necessary! As the objects in the right are getting more and more we need more flexibility here. 

E.g. we have Sales Enterprise customers with customer objects who do not user "Quotes" and "attribution" (which is MKT Enterprise function). They just do not need this. By choosing the objects to be shown here, we could make this part more intuitive, I think. 

Second, we should have the ability to choose the properties which are displayed per object on the right site. As we can do it for custom objects it should also be possible for contacts und campanies. 

For this issue there is an other idea which you might also upvote. 



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Hi @Josefine 


have a look at this idea - probably thats what you looking for and you might upvote it. 


There is also a short survey about this topic in the forum... You might participate and share your ideas.