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Allow Custom Survey to be linked to ticket


I would like to suggest the possibilty in Hubspot that custom survey can be also linked to a ticket (or more objects, not only a contact as it is right now) so that we can then produce tickets related reports with feedacks : Show only feedbacks with the Source Ticket = Phone, or with a specific Ticket Category etc...


At the moment : 

- Only feedbacks with CES survey are linked with ticket but this survey allow to filter only on the pipeline property to identify the recipients of a survey, which is too light

- Custom survey allow to choose from any property of a ticket related to a contact ... but the feedbacks will be linked only to the contact


Hello everyone,

I am in the same situation with my organisation,

I need feedback information based on my tickets and not only with my contacts !!

Please comment if you are in the same case to show the product team at Hubspot that this subject deserves to be treated.



Hello, I am also looking to do the same thing. This way we can see what particular ticket they were unsatisfied with