Allow Contacts to have Deal Roles

When we have multiple contacts on a specific deal in the CRM, it would be great to assign roles to each. This could be a standard "deal role" dropdown field/property. So I can pick "Champion" or "Decision Maker" or whatever.


Or if you are dealing with an Agency, who has contacts on both sides of a transaction, could be "Buyer" and "Seller" or "Seller's Agent" and "Buyer's Agent."


With only a few deals or a few contacts on a deal, this is not a problem, but in larger, more complicated transactions, there may be many different types of contacts. Attorneys, agents, lenders, investors, and more...

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This is something that would be useful for us as well, and as our business grows we may have to leave HubSpot if it doesn't become available. On every deal, we have a buyer and a seller. We cannot map this at the contact level because we run a marketplace and many contacts are both buyers and sellers. For now, we are managing this manually, but we need to be able to enroll contacts in workflows and build reports based off of their deal role. 

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+1 on the roles functionality - both at the contact level and deal level. 


I'd like to be able to send different emails via workflow to different roles in the company.


Also, I'd like a way to have some sort of org chart or who reports to who functionality in Hubspot. This could be a custom field in contacts, but is there a better way to make associations that show level?

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Dear @hubspot PM Team, 


I have not seen any progress on this idea. I'm sorry to report that we will likely be moving away from HubSpot CRM. 


I've been a big fan of HubSpot and was the main person introducing HS to my organization, but this, as well as other feature enhancement requests have not been heard and I have a hard time justifying to sales management why they can't move to salesforce. 


I hope to return to HubSpot at some point.