Allow Contacts to have Deal Roles


When we have multiple contacts on a specific deal in the CRM, it would be great to assign roles to each. This could be a standard "deal role" dropdown field/property. So I can pick "Champion" or "Decision Maker" or whatever.


Or if you are dealing with an Agency, who has contacts on both sides of a transaction, could be "Buyer" and "Seller" or "Seller's Agent" and "Buyer's Agent."


With only a few deals or a few contacts on a deal, this is not a problem, but in larger, more complicated transactions, there may be many different types of contacts. Attorneys, agents, lenders, investors, and more...

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Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community, 


Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. The ability to set roles between any two relationships is something we have been investigating on the HubSpot Product team. As a result, I'm going to move this idea into the "In Planning" stage.

In fact, we’re looking to interview customers to learn more about their process and get feedback on a few solutions we’re exploring. Please fill out this quick survey if you’re interested in participating. If you meet the criteria we’re looking for, a researcher from HubSpot will reach out to schedule a 60-minute call, and as a thank you we’ll send you a $50 gift card upon completion of the study.


Are there any updates on this?  Assigning a unique role on a deal is vital for us as the same contact can serve different roles in different transactions.  They may be a decision maker on one, and merely an influencer on another.  


This functionality would be a huge step forward with how we align our systems to our go to market strategy.  

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It was now added in the ABM under target accounts, but we find that it should be under Deal where per deal we can mark the roles, as in different deals people may have different roles


Just to add our voice in - we are extremely keen on this idea. 


Our deals progress through the whole customer lifecycle - from closing a project, to actually delivering our service (which also goes through a pipeline)


Multiple people get involved, including the decision maker who actually purchases, and other contacts who might be involved other contributory ways or might just have an interest in staying informed. 


These roles change from deal to deal - our service is given as a gift, so for example we can have someone who was bought our service as a gift, and then decides to gift it to someone else. 


This means in one deal they are the 'purchaser' and in another they are a 'gift recipient'. 


Would love to be able to set contacts as specific custom roles on a per-deal basis. 

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+1 From me.


The most important feature is to be able to use this 'role' as a criteria in workflows/lists/etc. 


For example: Only send finance reminder emails through a workflow to contacts who are the 'finance' role.


We're just onboarding as an organization and I'm shocked HB doesn't have this functionality. VagueNatus' comments above about HB needing to add a many-to-many relationship feature makes sense to me.


@Dylan, any update on this so we can strategically plan around the current shortcoming?


We need this! We are b2b manufacturer that gets a lot of leads from end users of our products. I need a way to associate the lead contact to the customer companies we send them to and deals seemed perfect except not being able to associate or define the different contact roles. I tried everything I could think of as a workaround and made a post for help in the forum but I'm so happy to see this is being implemented!


Hi @Dylan 
Any update to this status? It's been over a year and my company could really use this feature to more robustly use the deals object as a B2B company.

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That's a standard feature in every Salesforce CRM Version, even the cheapest ones. 

If HubSpot cannot provide that feature, at least allow us to add custom fields that reference a contact. That cannot be that difficult to implement. 


Thanks and cheers