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Allow Calculated fields to be defaulted to 0, so they don't break dependent calculated fields.

Right now, if you have two calculated fields, and one is using the other to generate it's sum. If the first field does not have a value (IE: a rolllup of associated deal values to a company, before any deals are created for that company), then the dependant field will be null as well, even if the first field is being subtract from some other value.

For example, what we are experiencing is similar to:

x = first_calc_field

1000 - x = null <-- This is what happens
1000 - x = 1000 <-- This would be preferable

If it's not the default, than just a boolean that we can select for if we want the value to default to 0 instead of null would be great, so that we can build additional calculations off of it.

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This would be great for complex situations - great idea @Brownstephen101 

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@Brownstephen101 I had a similar situation with a client, which was causing us some frustration 😋


P.S. I created a workaround in the interim - used workflow  to 'copy 'the value of the calculated property into another property, and where the value was null, set the 'duplicate' property's value to zero with workflow. And then used the 'cloned' property in the main calculation. This worked for our simple use case, but a bit crazy for what should be relatively straightforward maths.