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Allow CSAT/NPS web surveys on external pages

Similar to the way CTA and forms work, the CSAT/NPS web survey and all feedback surveys should be available to show on external web pages. This would be tremendous for HubSpot so that Product Teams and Customer Success Teams could gauge satisfaction with certain product capabilities in-app, similar to an Appcues like tool. Especially for after new features are released, this would be helpful.


EX: we recently launched new canalytics capabilities. I want to capture how happy my customers are with the new capabilities by placing a web survey on the Analytics page our our app. 


For us, it's ideal for this feedback to be captured in HubSpot as it is our primary system of record.  Please extend this functionality available in the Marketing Hub as a core part of HubSpot's offering over to the Service Hub Surveys!

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YES!!! Allow NPS surveys to pop up on specific pages (liked offered in satisfaction surveys) rather than just email delivery.