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Allow Automatic Association of Like Objects via Workflows

Since like objects can now be associated to each other, we have found a usage for this feature in Tickets. We need to be able to use the object creation option in Workflows to also automatically associate the Ticket that triggered the Workflow to the new Ticket being created BY the Workflow.

For instance, our Support Team makes a ticket for an RMA of a customer's device for repair. This customer needs a loaner device to use while the RMA process is carried out. We have a Workflow to automatically create a new ticket to manage the Loaner request. We want these 2 tickets to be associated to each other in order to make a paper trail from the RMA to the Loaner ticket and vice-versa.

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What a great idea! This would easily improve our workflows as well. 


This would really make our lives so much better and help with out workflows. 


Merchandise@ The statement "Allow Automatic Association of Like Objects via Workflows: CREA" seems to be a request or requirement related to a software system or application, possibly a workflow automation tool.


This idea is a great way to enhance workflow efficiency by automatically linking related tickets.