Allow Ads users to choose which pages and accounts want to sync

When HubSpot decided to allow automatic integration with ads, without the ads add on that was awesome!  


But when we started using this new feature (located under Content menu), it pulled into our HubSpot portal automaticaly all the pages we have linked to our Facebook profile or Business Facebook.  


That's a bit of a problem for agencies given that we administer several client's pages. If I want to sync my account I found two problems:

1. It pulls into my portal all the historic campaigns data which is not neccesary given that most of that history is being managed on another plataform.

2. It syncs automaticaly your whole administered pages.  As a consequence, if you have any client running a lead ads campaign, those leads are pulled into the HubSpot portal.


That makes this new feature impossible to use for an agency and that sucks Smiley Sad


What I'd like to propose is to add a couple of small steps into the syncing process:

1. As it asks which adds account do you want to sync, it should ask too if you want to sync all your past campaigns data, as Adespresso does later in the settings.

2. The same for pages, it should ask wich page or pages do you want to sync. Given that some companies have more than one page, it would be great to pull into HubSpot your lead ads from your various pages. Don't you think so?  It would be great if it would do that as the social media settings do when you connect your profile.  It allows you to check on every page and profile associated to your account.


I hope this idea helps a lot of agency HubSpotters as much as it would help us to get the most out of HubSpot new features.

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We agree with @adriemilia about the weaknesses and proposed solutions to help HubSpot partner agencies get the most out of the new features. The ad integration announcement excited us until we asked and found out it was an all-or-nothing sync function.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hey everyone! This is currently live to all Ads tool users. You'll be prompted to select which pages you'd like to enable for syncing during the account connection process. Any pages that aren't enabled for syncing will be hidden from other users in your portal. The "Manage pages" button in your Ads settings can be used to enable/disable additional pages at any time.