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Allow Admins to edit Salesforce id fields

Right now, even through uploads, you cannot update Salesforce id's in hubspot.


There are circumstances where this would be really useful. For example if we have to do some work with duplicate data.


In our use case, we made some changes in our data structure/usage in Salesforce, so we need to switch out lead id's for contact id's... there are duplicates in there unfortunately. I can't clear these values out and update them however. Rather than using up all our api calls updating the database, my preference would be to do a one time upload through a .csv.

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Stuck on this same exact issue....




can't believe this is an issue for integration. the id should be editable as the integration can be on and off! 


This is a sever limitation that takes control away from Hubspot customers and forces them to rely on kludgy workarounds, like adjusting email addresses between SF and HS contacts to force a match for synching.

Just let us specify directly! At the very least API callouts to HS should permit editing of these field values. Please trust your customers to know how to run their own technical processes, thanks.

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This is a massive issue. It's extremely frustrating and can be quite difficult to update Contact and Company records with new SalesForce IDs. The only workaround I know of right now is to have HubSpot engineering assist. I'm guessing they are not limited to editing the ID fields like we are. 

For now, there does not seem to be any type of reset button. It looks to be worse to delete companies in HubSpot and let the sync do the work - or to try and correct through a SFDC import. For either to work - the associated Contacts for each Company have to be in place in HubSpot for the platforms to dedup and update the Lead, Contact or Accout ID with SalesForce. 

This whole issue would be resolved if HubSpot simply allowed us to do an offline import to update SalesForce IDs. 


I agree that this is a major roadblock for the proper integration of SF and HS. The issue of not being able to import Salesforce Account IDs is one of, if not the single largest struggles I face. 


I second the notion: "Please trust your customers to know how to run their own technical processes, thanks."


Desperately need this. Is there any update on if this is even on the horizon for HubSpot?

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Insane that Salesforce ID fields are inaccessible.. At one point in the past (I believe in 2020), HubSpot helped us update IDs on the HubSpot side. But when we asked for their help to update Salesforce IDs in 2022, they told us it was impossible. 

This needs to be addressed for a multitude of reasons. It would be incredibly valuable as companies de-duplicate data periodically, and also valuable for a company that has been using both HubSpot and Salesforce independently and NOW wants to integrate.  


This is a MAJOR need for two of my current clients right now. It's insane that the Salesforce Account ID field is the only way to de-duplicate Salesforce accounts that sync to Hubspot as duplicates and you can't edit the Salesforce Account ID field. They can just force the mapping to be Salesforce preferred or always Salesforce rather than making the field read-only. This knowledge article is also extremely misleading as Hubspot doesn't state that you can't actually edit the Salesforce Account ID field.