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Allow Access to Dashboard/Reports from Mobile App

Our reps have some specific reports on a specific dashboard they like to refer to on a daily basis. However, there are times where they may go an entire day without opening their laptop. It would be nice for them to have access to their dashboards via their mobile app since they are on the go frequently. 

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Unbelievable it hasn't happened yet still


Hi Product Team,


Post Corona pandemic, many things have changed worldwide - especially in the office working culture!!


At times, for people who cannot turn up to their office and use a PC for a day/two, it would be highly productive to have access to reports and dashboards on Mobile phones - in order to Analyse daily sales activities and developments.


In this mobile age, it is highly recommended to have reports on mobile platforms too. With the changes in work culture, people prefer having more convenient mobile life over PCs.


As a HubSpot user, I personally prefer having reports and the dashboard's Mobile version soon.


Hoping for the best - Hubspot team!!


This is a great idea. Hi spot, can we make this happen ASAP!


Definitely need this for our management team! 


Please add Dashboards to mobile app.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Xavier, 
The first version of Reporting has been launched on mobile (Android and iOS). With this new feature, you will be able to view your dashboards and the reports inside.  You will need to update your Hubspot mobile app and log in to access it. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hello @XavierDrake , I'm Sara from the Mobile Product Group, thank you very much for your feedback. 
We have released the first version of Reporting on Mobile.
You can find this new feature under the More menu,  Reports tab.  
We are actively collecting user feedback to keep improving it and releasing new versions.