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Allow Access to Dashboard/Reports from Mobile App

Our reps have some specific reports on a specific dashboard they like to refer to on a daily basis. However, there are times where they may go an entire day without opening their laptop. It would be nice for them to have access to their dashboards via their mobile app since they are on the go frequently. 

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My CEO is asking for this too


Is there a work around for now?


I completely agree. Our Execs are on the move constantly and it would be hugely beneficial for them to be able to see their business on the mobile app. Mobile web views are not always simple to use. 


Definitely agree. Our CEO rarely opens his laptop and lives on his phone. He's asked for the dashboard to be accessible on his phone.


Agreed. We've had requests from our salesteam for the same!


My vote here. Hubspot is a business tool and especially now that almost everyone is mobile phone dependent in doing business, this feature should have been there 2 years ago. This is very important for business on the go. Thanks!


This is an essential worflow for me to have access of our dashoards from the mobile app.  As the COO of the company, i am regularly on the road and having access to key dashboards via mobile is important.  Thanks for considering . 


Replying to keep this relevant, it would be very useful to us as well.


Yes that would be awesome! 

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Hey folks!

Thank you all for taking time to leave feedback on this thread. Your input helps us understand your business needs so we can build what you want.


I did want to clarify one thing I saw on this thread. The Product team does not operate on a threshold of 150 Upvotes. Product managers use upvotes as an indication of customer interest, but it isn't a hard-and-fast rule. If they see a feasible Idea that will solve for customers, they'll consider it even if it doesn't have a lot of upvotes. That said, it is a good rule of thumb that the more upvotes a thread has, the more likely a PM is to see the thread, and the heavy weight they'll place on it. 


Thank you all for your time!


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We have the same issue. Would be very nice to have this available for our Sales Team and Sales Manager as they are on the go.


We use our dashboards just like you would in a car. It is the place that tells our team the "speed, gas, miles per hour, time, etc". Looking forward to when HubSpot creates this feature


I upvoted this and agree with managers and senior leadership teams having access to report and dashboards from their mobile app in a static view, ie. available offline as well from the last app update/background.  Thanks! 


Hi, please bring this back (I didn't realise it was on the old app)! We're new to HubSpot but the mobile app is great (other than it doesn't have dashboards and reports!).


HubSpot reports and dashboards are awesome and give our teams a clear view of progress against goals. Imagine traveling and seeing you were behind on calls or quota so you get somewhere quiet to reach out to some top clients to see if they can help you. Or as Comms Manager you see you're latest post is really engaging, so you then pull out your laptop to share it through other channels or profiles.

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Happy to put this over 100 upvotes, hope that's enough 🙂

Our clients too need this feature.


We would really like this feature!!!


Access to dashboards and reports is a must. Any advance?


Hey HubSpot Team 👋,


We're currently using another CRM called and have the ability to see forecasting and reporting via its iOS app.


We're considering switching but I can't see a way to view our sales representative's performance via the iOS app. This is looking like a dealbreaker for us as we're typically in the field and would like a native iOS app that we could refer to.

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Completely agree! Bit of a twist, as an agency it would be beneficial to see these dashboard reports for our clients while on the go! 


Agreed having these reports responsive for tablet and mobile would be extremely useful for our organization 


Long overdue