Allow A Phase Out of a Work Flow

When using a workflow, a company is enrolled or they are not. There is not currently a good way to allow a workflow to be phased out, by toggling off enrollment for new companies/contacts/etc, but allowing the companies already enrolled to finish the work flow they're enrolled in. 


Use Case:


We have an on-boarding process for new customers. We changed the process with about 5 companies in the process. We want those 5 companies to continue to go through the old work flow, but all new companies to enter a new workflow. 


Currently, I can accomplish this by adding a new value to the triggering property, and applying it to all new customers, but that does not great things to data continuity. 


This is valuable for our customer service team as they're onboarding new customers, as we can identify who is enrolled in what work flow and what process they should follow. This will allow us to have a smoother on boarding process for our customers.


Value wise, it allows us to use workflows more efficiently, especially as our company grows.

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