Allow 1 Pinned item per Activity, Note, Email, Call, Task on a Deal

We use pinned notes to keep track of any important and relavant information on a deal.  I received an email from the customer that I would like to pin but it will replace my existing note.  I am not asking for the ability to pin multiple items to the activities section.  However, I do think it would be helpful if users were allowed to pin a single item to the top of each section: Activity, Notes, Emails, Calls, and Task.  This means a user could pin one item in each section that would appear at the top when that section is viewed.  I think it would be too cluttered and messy if you allow more pins on Activity, and which one would display at the top?  How would you rank importance?  By date?  What if the most important pin was the oldest one, the user would have to scroll to the bottom of multiple pins to find it, whereas keeping the standard 1 pin, but expand that to each section would be a brilliant idea!

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This would be so helpful. Currently, you can't pin more than one type and it causes problems. If a Sales Rep pins a Deal and a different department needs to pin a Note for the company, there's nothing we can do. You could easily have a Pinned tab or just show the pinned association on the related tab (notes on Notes tab, etc.).