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I wish there the opportunity to show a different name in the live chat profile than the user name. For privacy reasons I don't want every website visitor to see my full name and would prefer using an alias or to show only the first name.


This is very essential to protect support employees and make sure unknown website visitors don't interfere with the privacy of them.

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This is a GREAT suggestion. An alias capability for paid HubSpot users would be the most ideal (and super easy).


I was told we needed to 1.) create a completely new user within our mail server and 2.) create a new user within HubSpot AND 3.) leverage an entire paid HubSpot license to simply generate a single alias.


Seems ridiculous to burn a "paid" license for the benefit of having ONE alias. The alias wouldn't use 99.9% of the HubSpot functional platform. This is especially true for small companies who will probably benefit most from having the ability to appear as if they have a larger team helping their customers. 


How hard could it possibly be to create a default "chat" persona template? At least one. 

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I definitely agree that this would be wonderful addition to the conversations tool! 

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I completely agree. I would like to upvote this as well.


We manage chat for a HubSpot client in addition to having HubSpot clients we don't provide that service for. I would have to manually log out of my agency account to log into the client accounts (that aren't connected to my other clients). 


This is also helpful since the chat transcripts currently comes from myname@agency instead of the client.


Being able to setup aa default chat persona would be helpful.


I don't understand why this wasn't built in the first place. This feels like a very normal expectation for a support team to have access to. 


This is really a must when you are testing business processes and interactions, you will often want senior people or people who are not on the sales team interacting with visitors in order to built/tune the interactions, and the last thing you want is people using your chatbot to sell to you, so an alias capability is very important for any serious use. 


Hubspot please add this feature!


I would like to see this feature.  Also, the chat only shows a first name.  What if you have two people on the team with the same first name?

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This can now be achieved when editing your chat message, under Step 3 - Display, there is an additional drop-down option for "Custom name and avatar". There you can set the name and the avatar. The routing will work as specified on Step 1 - Build. 
The only issue is if you would like to show multiple people available on Live Chat - as this is just one alias user. 


Hope this helped! 


While Hubspot now allows you to create a custom name and avatar while in a chatflow, once a user connects to an agent on chat the agent's name shows (which is the first name in our profile info). We have gone to LiveChat for our chat because of this. We want to be able to show the name as the company name and the NOT the first name of our agent's profiles.

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Any update on this? We had a troll on a chat today who now knows my full name and it wasn't very fun.


Second, wdt's response, it's only in the workflow, once connected to an agent, the full name appears.


Can we get an alias feature or defult to company name already, please?!

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Thanks for the feedback! We are currently considering this feature and will provide an update once we have one in a few months. Thank you!


Yes, me too! After two years this still hasn't been addressed? Come on HubSpot! 

When I set up my live chat, I thought I was able to set up a generic name for our entire company. One day I was thrown off when someone called me by my first name. I then started getting several emails - not emails that should be coming to me - that could have been avoided if my name was not associated with the live chat. 


please keep me in the loop as well! the custom avatar is useless once an agent connects to a chat and the agent's real name as set up in his profile, is shown, instead of the custom avatar, whic promptly dissappears.

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we need a completely independent chat profile by user from the same user's internal profile. So at least image and display name should be possible to set for each chat user. We don't (always) want our chat responders to be recognisable to casual website visitors.


This would definitely be a great addition.


This is a great idea. We are a small company so it's very useful to have a loose anonymity at the beginning of a conversation.


Yes, please provide an alias function!


This is crucial. Our support staff takes on elf personas with elf names.  An alias is vital to our business.


Any news to this feature?


Last update from product team in June 2020 said there'd be another update in a few months. Can we have an update please! We're avoiding adding paid seats because of this - it's preferable for the team to share a seat for chat so we show a consistent name.

a.k.a. Hubspot - add this feature and we'll end up giving you more money!