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Alerts / Announcement Banners in Knowledge Base / Website

As Hubspot is also covering services, it would be nice if we had a way of publishing alerts on top of every knowledge base article or even on top of every website (e.g. critical outtage or safety risk updates). How that looked in Zendesk (let us choose the color for also less critical announcements):



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Not Currently Planned
April 22, 2020 03:46 AM

We are currently not planning on adding an announcement bar to the Knowledge Base but may revisit this in the future.

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Hubspot is also using this internally:



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Hubspot Knowledge Base Banner.jpgIt's frustrating when Hubspot clearly recognizes the need for features such as this for it's own knowledge base, but does not provide these features to it's users.


Agreed! This would be extrememly helpful!


With COVID-19 a massive disruption right now, it would be very helpful if we could alert our customers and prospects to our policy and efforts surrounding the pandemic. We've sent out an email to all, but people are still coming to our website trying to find information. We need to be able to use this alert banner on our homepage to inform viewers of our efforts. 


I pinged their Support team and they pointed me here:

HubSpot Product Team

We are currently not planning on adding an announcement bar to the Knowledge Base but may revisit this in the future.


Yep, that's an oversight given pretty much every other (much less expensive) CMS provides this tool.

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This would be really beneficial and helpful to our customers to relay announcments related to their Support team.

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Could this not be resolved across KB and website by allowing a Pop-Up Form to merely act as a banner instead of having to link to a page/non-hubspot url/file/meeting etc?

Definitely seems a strange one that this couldn't be done in a very quick way.


Would be a useful feature!


Hubspot should evolve this idea to a stage where they recognize its power as stated in similar ideas meaning not only knowledge base but any page where Hubspot is website host or the chat is active. Think of Intercom- they can do it, so should you guys 🙂


Bump as this is a very simple yet critical feature for a Knowledge Base. 


agree with @MissTipsi . Either a pop-up form or a unidirectional chatflow. Seems like a no-brainer (sse cases on both the service and marketing side), and surely a pretty trivial amount of effort on the Hubspot side. 

@goconnor still no plans for this?

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Hi team! I work in HubSpot's customer support department. I confirmed internally with a product manager that this idea is still not currently planned on priorities for 2023. It doesn't mean it will never be considered, just that it is not currently queued to be developed. We do have a BETA for pop-up CTAs, which is similar but not the exact same thing, but this is only available to Starter customers currently.