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After hours v. Normal Business Hours logic in a workflow

During "Normal" business hours Mon-Fri 8 to 4:45 EST we would like to skip the last step in a new lead's workflow, specifically we don't want an email to go out. The expectation being, our team will give that person a call momentarily. After hours and on weekends, we'd like the submitter to receive an email from us.


I've confirmed with Hubspot Support and "at this time the most granular we can get with the actioning is using a "delay until X day and X time" (outlined a bit more here), as I see you have inserted in your workflow test here. There is not an action or setting by which we can say if they submitted the form at X time, send the email vs at Y time do not send the email due to the rep personally reaching out."


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Hi there!


   I thought of a possible solution or workaround for this issue and thought I would share with you.


 I am better at explaining through video, so hope you don't mind.

Link to Loom video (2 minutes)



  • Try using the "Settings" tab in your workflow to edit the working hours workflow
  • Create a 2nd workflow that runs in the "off hours" and have that enroll contacts to a list or enroll into a 3rd workflow
  • Use the 3rd workflow to run the scenario you wish 
  • Also consider using the "unenrollment/suppression" tab in Settings to control who enters or exits a workflow

Hope this helps!