Advanced Eventbrite integration with financial data (& more)



Currently using Eventbrite for all our music festival with the integration to Hubspot. Crucial data that we miss in the current set up:
1. Financial data (order data including pricing) 
2. Ticket data (type op ticket) 
3. Source of the ticket buyer 
4. Personal data from the buyer (like city and date of birth)

We think this data would massively improve our marketing.
Zapier can't solve this 100%. Any other people looking for a more advanced integration with Hubspot?  

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Agreed. This would be really valuable. Also suggested here.

TashaDalBianco Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner
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Totally agree would really like to be able to have contact lists based off ticket types sold. 

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 Would be very helpful for us to pull in Custom Questions.  As a workaroudn we are using Zappier but that has it's own complications.