Ads Reporting in Dashboards


We'd love to have the ability to add in our ad performance on a Dashboard for automated reporting. Especially with the ability to select specific campaigns or ad sets to be included on the dashboard.

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Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

We are in active development focused on bring ads data into Report which you can add to your HubSpot Dashboards. Stay tuned!


- Will (Ads Product Manager)


@WillDekrey  Any updates on this? 


Would love to see this as well, especially for LinkedIn ads.

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

We've released, in beta, to all Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise and legacy Ads add-on customers, a set of new reports. These reports provide a visual overview of network-level performance across key advertising metrics as well as the ability to quickly see ad campaigns with the best/worst performance. They are available in the Analyze tab within HubSpot Ads and they can be added to reporting dashboards.


Current reports:

  • Impressions over time

  • Clicks over time

  • Contacts over time

  • Customers over time

  • Campaigns with highest/lowest cost per click

  • Campaigns with highest/lowest cost per contact


More Ads data would be needed on the dashboard

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Vohkus - what additional reports/data would you like to see?


@WillDekrey  we create a dashboard per campaign so being able to filter the new ad report per campaign or ad once they are on a dashboard would be awesome!


Cost per customer/roi on the current reports not just cost per new contact would be excellent.


Also the ability to have more of an overall sum of ad spend accross mulitple ads - we have several facebook ads/campaigns that are all under a single main hubspot campaign - since you can't assign a HS campaign to them, being able to filter a report to see overall spend and roi of several ads would be very benificial.




It would be great to be able to build a multi-layer report where you can get ads data like: 


Ad Cost, Ad Sets, or Ad Groups across Ad Channels. 


I guess the best way to go is to be able to have these values as field values that can be added to the existing custom reports builder.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

The Analyze tab is now live to all Marketing Hub customers. Free & Starter accounts do not get the Customers chart.


Hello, we checked out with Hubspot support team and they let us know to add our idea here.


It would be great to be able to make a report with specific campaigns: idea described here:


Also, In Marketing —> in Ads --> Analyse: would be nice to have a graphic chart as we have for “Impressions” and “Clicks” metrics with the “Network Conversions” metric that we can see in the "in Ads --> Campaigns" tab (with different colour lines for the different metric types such as “Posts Engagements/Clicks/Estimated Ad Recall Lift”)? (cf screenshots below)

Would that be something that you could develop? 

Thanks for building awesome products 🙂

different colour lines for the different metric types such as “Posts Engagements/Clicks/Estimated Ad Recall Lift”different colour lines for the different metric types such as “Posts Engagements/Clicks/Estimated Ad Recall Lift”“Network Conversions” available in Ads --> Campaigns“Network Conversions” available in Ads --> Campaigns

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@WillDekrey would love to be able to show spend over time in LinkedIn as a starter.


Beyond that having CPL/CPC/CPM over time comparing different periods and different subcampaigns would be quite nice