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Ads Reporting in Dashboards

We'd love to have the ability to add in our ad performance on a Dashboard for automated reporting. Especially with the ability to select specific campaigns or ad sets to be included on the dashboard.

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HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team
Status aktualisiert zu: In Planning

We are in active development focused on bring ads data into Report which you can add to your HubSpot Dashboards. Stay tuned!


- Will (Ads Product Manager)


@WillDekrey  Any updates on this? 

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Would love to see this as well, especially for LinkedIn ads.

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team
Status aktualisiert zu: In Beta

We've released, in beta, to all Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise and legacy Ads add-on customers, a set of new reports. These reports provide a visual overview of network-level performance across key advertising metrics as well as the ability to quickly see ad campaigns with the best/worst performance. They are available in the Analyze tab within HubSpot Ads and they can be added to reporting dashboards.


Current reports:

  • Impressions over time

  • Clicks over time

  • Contacts over time

  • Customers over time

  • Campaigns with highest/lowest cost per click

  • Campaigns with highest/lowest cost per contact

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More Ads data would be needed on the dashboard

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team

Hi @Vohkus - what additional reports/data would you like to see?


@WillDekrey  we create a dashboard per campaign so being able to filter the new ad report per campaign or ad once they are on a dashboard would be awesome!


Cost per customer/roi on the current reports not just cost per new contact would be excellent.


Also the ability to have more of an overall sum of ad spend accross mulitple ads - we have several facebook ads/campaigns that are all under a single main hubspot campaign - since you can't assign a HS campaign to them, being able to filter a report to see overall spend and roi of several ads would be very benificial.