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Ads Ad on - LinkedIn Features

Here are some things to add to the ads manager in HS for LinkedIn ads:


Ability to create Text Ad campaigns.

Ability to use Lead Ads

Ability to see all Sponsored Content at once and search it instead of scrolling through.

Ability to bulk edit existing ads:  Headlines, description, urls, utms.

Ability to save audiences as a template

Ability to use previously saved templates.  



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 Yes! Having the ability to track Text Ads is very important to us and currently the only advertising we do on LinkedIn. Please make this happen.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi there - 

We are in active development with LinkedIn around an integration with our ads tools. This includes contact tracking & reporting for sponsored content, lead syncing for lead gen ads, and website and contact retargeting audiences. If you would like access to the beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Hi there,


Please ensure Sponsored InMails are trackable. At the moment, I'm sending out InMails to target audience. If they click through and download the white paper, it is not being tracked. When I view the campaign performance in Ads it does not accurately reflect the contacts that been created. This is important. Please ensure this is added to future releases. It will be a big help for all users. Thank you.




HubSpot Product Team

Hi @simonezbob - thank you for this feedback. We are in active conversation with LinkedIn about this limitation. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to apply our tracking via API to InMail, which means we cannot implement this in HubSpot. If you have an account manager at LinkedIn, please also provide this request to them.

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Hi there - we create trackable URL's using Hubspots trackable URL feature, and then put them into InMails. Is there no way in the Ads module to associate the trackable URL we've created with the InMail campaign Hubspot is pulling in?