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Admin login as other user

The admin account should have the ability to login as other user accounts.  This would allow the admin to change the various settings, like notifications, that can only be changed at the user level.  Great time and user frustration saver

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January 21, 2022 06:57 AM

Hi HubSpotters,


Following on from this 'Log in as User' feature that the product team has built we are looking to hear your feedback on other product features that could help make things easier from an admin perspective when managing and troubleshooting your portals.


I started a thread over here and would love any feedback/suggestions:



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December 17, 2021 12:13 PM

User Impersonation is now live in all Enterprise portals! We have a detailed knowledge base here:

October 07, 2021 08:00 AM

Sorry about that! Updated the form.

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October 07, 2021 07:53 AM

Hello everyone,


We are excited to open the User Impersonation beta today for our Enterprise customers. Please fill out the form here and I will reach out soon with details.





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March 11, 2021 03:17 PM

Hello everyone,


I'm Flora Wang and I'm a Product Manager at HubSpot.


Thank you to everyone for commenting on this idea- we hear you that this is important functionality to have in HubSpot. We are currently looking into if the idea and understanding the problems in the space. I would love to chat with any admin who has thoughts on impersonation or logging in as a different user in the next week or two. Shoot me an email at and we'll take it from there.


Any future news regarding this feature will be on this thread and I will update here.




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April 29, 2020 03:17 PM

Hey all! I just wanted to drop in here to say our team is currently doing some research around this problem. While I don't have anything to announce just yet, this is feedback we've heard & a problem we know users are interested in seeing us solve. Please keep the feedback coming, & thank you for all your thoughts thus far.

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We help many clients with demand generation and because of the way many sales features work, we need to login as the user with their credentials. This couple with the new forced 2FA policy is making it very hard to execute on clients behalf. It would be great if we could easily pose as team members while enhancing security. 


Will arrive this feature to the Pro License? Since you have force all the users to use the 2FA, I can't enter in to my teams accounts, what is basic for us...


The ability to log in as (or stealth - as I've seen it referred to in other systems) into other HubSpot user accounts would have been extremely helpful today. We recently updated our secondary subdomain, which necessitated changes to the 'meeting domain' that was set under general settings for each user.


It would have been very easy to complete if I could have logged in as each user on their behalf, however instead, I had to provide instructions to my users and assist most of them in making the update. And I needed to make sure this was done quickly to avoid any bad meeting links going out with the automation.... and ideally I would have made these changes after business hours.

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Believe this is available today under users section 'Log in as users' on the Actions button for the user.  That said, it may well require an Enterprise or pro license.