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The admin account should have the ability to login as other user accounts.  This would allow the admin to change the various settings, like notifications, that can only be changed at the user level.  Great time and user frustration saver

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Mar 11, 2021

Hello everyone,


I'm Flora Wang and I'm a Product Manager at HubSpot.


Thank you to everyone for commenting on this idea- we hear you that this is important functionality to have in HubSpot. We are currently looking into if the idea and understanding the problems in the space. I would love to chat with any admin who has thoughts on impersonation or logging in as a different user in the next week or two. Shoot me an email at and we'll take it from there.


Any future news regarding this feature will be on this thread and I will update here.




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This would help us when new features, new contact properties, etc. roll out and we have to get non-technical oriented people to update their own accounts...


This is definitely a must. It's very difficult to see another users account to set-up profiles correctly and/or troubleshoot issues without this feature.


Agreed, this feature would allow for more efficient management of a multi-user team.


Could be very useful. Some team members need many settings, especially on sales accounts.


Currently there is no way to change a user's name, picture, email signature, etc. as an admin.  Being able to masquerade as the user would allow for these as well as other changes.  It would also help with user support by being able to see what the user sees.


 This is absolutely critical in my case. Our sales reps are all around the world and it takes so long to add filters, make changes, customise dashboards... It is a basic functionality on Salesforce.


This would be so useful! I'm having an issue with a user configuring their Meetings preferences and could handle it for them in no time this way.


I have been training users all this week, and it is very laborious and wasteful to have to spend so much time with them showing them how to setup their name, picture, signature, dashboards, saved filters, and all sorts of things for the first time.  As an admin I could do all this pre-work for them, which would allow them to jump right into using the app, perfectly customized for our company's use cases.

Participant has this feature so an admin can see what the user sees and can also set it up for those users who need help such as contact views. This feature is causing us to not consider purchasing the HubSpot CRM for our sales team. Please consider making this available.

This feature would be very helpful.

This would be huge, especially when sending marketing emails we're looking to fully personalize. 


It's crazy that this feature doesn't exist! Nearly everything else that I admin for has it. It would make it much more simple to troubleshoot issues.


I'm guessing there has been no update from Hubspot on this issue? There are a lot of use cases for this as a fair amount of users don't necessarily have the full Hubspot training to manage their own accounts effectively. Giving super admins the ability to set up things like meetings, email integrations etc would be so helpful. Surely not that difficult to implement...


It's been so long since this idea was submitted, I can't believe it's not available yet. When working remotely with users around the world this is a key functionality.


This would be very helpful.


This would be so helpful in enabling the sales team.

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hey all! I just wanted to drop in here to say our team is currently doing some research around this problem. While I don't have anything to announce just yet, this is feedback we've heard & a problem we know users are interested in seeing us solve. Please keep the feedback coming, & thank you for all your thoughts thus far.

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Here are some items our team would like to manage at the admin level for our users:

  • notification settings
  • profile picture / phone / signature
  • default home page
  • Contact saved views
    • setup new views
    • manage existing views
    • pin views
  • Inbox profile
  • setup Snippets (to allow the view "created by me" to work)
  • setup Templates (same reason)
  • Deal default view, setup views, etc.
  • Meetings - setup links, choose default

Watching for announcements


Agree 100%.  Would also allow me to see what changes look like from a user perspective.  Had one instance where my change looked perfect to me - but I later learned it did not look the same to a normal user.