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Admin login as other user

The admin account should have the ability to login as other user accounts.  This would allow the admin to change the various settings, like notifications, that can only be changed at the user level.  Great time and user frustration saver

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This would be so helpful from a marketing standpoint! We have had an issue where we wanted to create matching email signatures for our Sales and Client Services user profiles for marketing email personalization token purposes. Unfortunately, the email signatures have to be hard-coded for font formatting at the user profile settings level (it's unable to be done on an email-by-email basis since it's HUBL code pulling the signature info), which is a bit beyond the comfort level for these users. Being able to go in as an admin and put in that HTML code signature for each user would be SO helpful for our marketing team's needs!


Admin should have certain degree of control on each user account, as far as I can see currently super admin can only manager permissions. We would prefer to have ability to e.g. update user profile/avatar, impersonate to do certain thing and leave audit trail some where that xxxx act on behave of a user. (Like On Behave of xxxx email you see normally) Thanks.


Much needed. With admins not having the ability to change user details (email signature, email, notifications e.t.c) being able to 'masquerade' as a user and update at the user level would solve all of theses issues.


From an admin perspective this is a big product difference between Salesforce and HubSpot.


Agree with all so far. Having a tech challenged user base and trying to walk them through one off changes though Slack is killing me. Would love to be able to impersonate, fix problem, and move on. 


Agreed, we need this functionality.


This is a must for anyone that has ever administered a group in a CRM like HubSpot - this makes it so easy to login and view life as one of your users. Also makes for troubleshooting problems with access controls and permissions. It is hard to beleive that this has been suggested for so long with no action from HubSpot. One thing that HubSpot lacks tremendously is Administrative tools, utilities, and controls like so many other apps out there. has 2 options: 1) Let an admin login as a user, and 2) let a HubSpot tech login as a user. Both are criticial and should be added to the next release schedule.


I am in 100% agreement with this. This is not proper with larger businesses to expect the user to edit domain level changes such as a domain name change. - Rollouts are in the domain of IT, not the end-user. 😞


Is this a somewhat simple implementation??  When I call Hubspot support - they can gain access to a user account - without asking for the password.


Agree with this as well. I need to set up HTML email signatures for 140 sales reps who don't have the skillset to edit HTML on their own. 


This idea is great!


I am an administrator and when logging onto other users to make changes to their profiles - add e-mail signatures, connect phone numbers, update views etc the system does not allow me to do this requiring verification number sent by e-mail. Obviously the system sends this to the user e-mail rather than my own. It would be even better if the admin user could be exempt from this and able to log in to any user? -  most of our users are salesmen and they do not want to have anything to do with the admin side of things!


Perhaps the admin could log into their own account and then in settings>users and teams>actions (the little grey dropdown) have a option to "access user's account" to edit their profile/system defaults and settings/ table views/ dashboard defaults/ signatures/ connect phone/email etc


We are trying to get our service delievery team onboard with Hubspot. Lowering the bar to get them started is the first step. Hubspot ... you totally have it in your best interest to develop this feature so you can incease your chances of selling us more product and licenses and increasing your revenue.


Useful for when a user who is a C-suite and needs to have access but not often in the system. And, if they don't do their email name correctly. Useful for training as well. 


Would really like to see this changed to allow the super admin to change users profile set up to show appropriate selection for each user.


Agree this would make life so much easier, rather than having to chase a very busy sales team to do basic admin tasks, I could log in as them and do them in a couple of minutes

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Desperately needed when rolling out to a remote sales force that is non-technical.  Big adoption blocker for retail sales teams as it requires significant additional training on configuration of user settings / views, etc that will only be used once on setup and quickly forgotten.  Feature would allow fast roll-out to non-technical sales teams, cleaner use of tools and faster testing / adoption of new functionality roll-outs to teams.


I see this as a crucial right and would be glad if this could be programmed.


It would be amazing if we can preview as User as we are sometimes having difficulties with providing needed support for the users. As well to allow some modifications to be done on behalf of the user to a certain extent where they are facing difficulties.


Salesforce offers this option that should tell you something. This is needed, I had new hires coming on my team and if I could have logged on as them before their start date I would have been able to get them all set-up and ready to work. Also, for maintenance purposes, this is very much needed.


This is so necessary. As a admin of many systems I have not encountered many where a super admin cannot control other's settings most useful during trainings or onboarding. Half of our onboarding sessions are showing them how to set up their signatures and views rather than just having them ready to go for the user. Really hope they put something in motion on this!


This needs to be added as it is a neccesary feature for any large orginsation with large teams. Its key in order to be able to view dashboards & object view through the eyes of a user.