Admin control panel for Chat

Can you please build a control panel for admins to access where they can see who is using the Messages tool and what their status is - "online" or "away mode", with the option to edit individual user's status. 


If the user forgets to log out and is traveling/on vacation etc. it would super useful to have a way of controlling this. I have Sales users globally and trying to have an overview of the Messages tool at the moment is almost impossible!  

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks so much for the feedback!


We are working on a team managment page that would allow an admin to be able to update the status of an agent. It would solve the usecases mentioned here about a agent forgets to set themselves away and this will allow the admin to be able to fix it. 

We should be working on this in the near future, so I will update the thread here!