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Admin capability to control user settings for Gmail Integration

Integrations are extremely helpful in the CRM world. Syncing emails, Automatic record creation etc. However, if the admin cannot control such settings from an admin's perspective, the CRM data becomes at risk especially if users won't comply to integration settings and how it must be. Let's face it, it is a challenge to have everyone in the organization comply to something especially if it is a user setting. Thus, if an admin can control it, just a few clicks and Voila! all taken care of. 


I have used Salesforce in the past and was an admin too. Their integration product with Outlook and Google are way easier to administer, and it has this capability to control or configure the integration product depending on how the users wanted it. The admin can create multiple configurations and add users to any fitting configuration that the admin has created. I think, HS should catch up on this missing piece of the Gmail integration.