Admin View of All Users Meeting Links

Right now I have 24 users who are using HubSpot Sales Pro extensively the Meetings feature. It would be nice to have an Admin view to see all the Meetings that are created for my whole organization or broken into teams.


To get around this I've created a shared Google Doc and I've asked reps to place their meeting links into the document...but they tend to forget and I have to bug them to add when I should just be able to view these. If we are trying something new for marketing and want to embed a certain type of meeting of length it is torture to beg and plead with my sales team to provide this information to us.


Sounds simple in my mind but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has this pain.

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@noraferguson - it's not an elegant solution, and is pretty limited in actual analytic value, but meeting links do show up as forms, so you can create a custom report with filter on forms for "Meeting Link: [xxx]".

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In planning for a year almost, would that be implemented?



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It would be helpful to be able to grab team members' links for a few reasons. I have 4 different team members that I'll need to have set up "sales" and "non-sales" call links so we can make sure the non-sales links are added to a workflow that changes the lifecycle stage.


We also have a business development rep on our team who needs to be able to easily connect leads she's qualifying with account reps. Right now, she's just saving all their meeting links in an external doc. It would be awesome if she could select their links to insert in an email.

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Exactly what we need too.  That'd be awesome to have.  @hroberts any updates on this?