Admin View of All Users Meeting Links

Right now I have 24 users who are using HubSpot Sales Pro extensively the Meetings feature. It would be nice to have an Admin view to see all the Meetings that are created for my whole organization or broken into teams.


To get around this I've created a shared Google Doc and I've asked reps to place their meeting links into the document...but they tend to forget and I have to bug them to add when I should just be able to view these. If we are trying something new for marketing and want to embed a certain type of meeting of length it is torture to beg and plead with my sales team to provide this information to us.


Sounds simple in my mind but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has this pain.

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Admin View of All Users Meeting LinksHubSpot Product Team
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 Agree! Scheduling meetings directly with end prospects/customers from Salesforce doesn't work for all organizations, and even when it does, it leaves HubSpot in the dark as to where a prospect may be in the cycle. Meetings are such an important of the buying cycle, HubSpot should really have an integration with Salesforce - entering it manually into HubSpot is a poor use of time and will lead to data integrity issues when things are rescheduled/etc.

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HubSpot Product Team
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 +1 Must have!

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In general I'd like meeting links to be able to be shared. 


Our reps set appointments for execs- I'd like to be able to find the meetings links of others, just like templates. 

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Much pain with this and several other areas (creating templates, creating snippets, creating dashboards, creating custom views.... etc.) where admin visibility and abillity to establish user boundaries based on role are far too limited to truly effectively manage our HubSpot instance.

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YES! As a super admin, it would be incredibly handy to view/copy sales' meeting links. Please look at it for the roadmap.

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Love this idea! I was about to post the same - really need a way that we can create set meeting types and standard meeting forms so that we can set all our sales teams up with these! 

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Hi Everyone,

I'm seeing a number of ideas around the admin view of meetings.


Here's what I'm gleaning:

  • As a sale admin/manager who wants to see all of the meetings in my organization/team, so I know what my reps are up to.
  • As a rep, I want to be able to use someone else's meeting link, so I can schedule something for them
  • As a sales admin/manager, I want to be able to set up a meeting form that the whole team must use, so my business can collect consistent information.

Does this ring true? Are there any details I'm missing or haven't captured accurately?


Thanks everyone.

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Looks good. From a super admin point of view, access to people's meeting links is key. Think times when call centers or other agency marketers are working a campaign on our behalf. One point of contact at the company is managing that with the vendor. In order to provide them with thorough information to book meetings for this reps I'd like to be able to 1) set up a special kind/time/day of meeting for each reps calendar and then 2) provide that link to the vendor. Otherwise, I'm looking at managing each of 40 reps to do this calendar type on their own and report back to me with the link. Blech.



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@mlahens All of those points are true for our team here! That is exactly what I was looking for when I was sent this thread. Smiley Happy