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Admin View of All Users Meeting Links

Right now I have 24 users who are using HubSpot Sales Pro extensively the Meetings feature. It would be nice to have an Admin view to see all the Meetings that are created for my whole organization or broken into teams.


To get around this I've created a shared Google Doc and I've asked reps to place their meeting links into the document...but they tend to forget and I have to bug them to add when I should just be able to view these. If we are trying something new for marketing and want to embed a certain type of meeting of length it is torture to beg and plead with my sales team to provide this information to us.


Sounds simple in my mind but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has this pain.

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@noraferguson - it's not an elegant solution, and is pretty limited in actual analytic value, but meeting links do show up as forms, so you can create a custom report with filter on forms for "Meeting Link: [xxx]".


In planning for a year almost, would that be implemented?




It would be helpful to be able to grab team members' links for a few reasons. I have 4 different team members that I'll need to have set up "sales" and "non-sales" call links so we can make sure the non-sales links are added to a workflow that changes the lifecycle stage.


We also have a business development rep on our team who needs to be able to easily connect leads she's qualifying with account reps. Right now, she's just saving all their meeting links in an external doc. It would be awesome if she could select their links to insert in an email.


Exactly what we need too.  That'd be awesome to have.  @hroberts any updates on this?


Any update on this? Calendly has had this forever. 


I have this problem too, and recently discovered a hacky way to get a salesperson's default meeting link (this may not be the best way to do this, but it's the only one I know - and it won't give me all their meetings, just their default link):

  1. Create a marketing email
  2. Insert a personalization token > Contact: Contact Owner > under "User Property," select "Meetings link"
  3. Send yourself a test email, and under "Receive email as a specific contact," select any contact that is owned by the salesperson you want the meeting link for
  4. When you receive the test email, it will contain that rep's meeting link, which you can copy

YES!!! AMEN TO THIS! It is a huge waste of time having to ask all of my reps to make their own links, then having them give me the links, and waiting on them to get the things I need to get done, done. Hubspot is designed to make life easier and more efficient, and having this capability would be just that. Thank you! 🙂

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For us it's a real big problem that everyone of the sales team has to build its own meeting links, even for the same type of meeting with the same people. That's not really user friendly. So for the moment we decided to schedule meetings with Calendly as long as HubSpot will not offer a better solution.

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It's common that a single user in a sales enablement function will be tasked with setting up meetings on behalf of other users. For tradeshows and other events, having a single link that multiple team members can see and utlize within their own account is a must-have. I hope to see this on the roadmap!


I totally agree. Dealing with that right now, what a pain!

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Sometimes it would be really handy to be able to create a meetings link on a user's behalf.  Could a user check a box somewhere assigning someone else to manage their meetings link, edit the messaging and options? This scenario would be helpful in a setting where a marketer, for example, would like to use a sales person's meetings link in marketing assets, but the perhaps not so tech-savvy salesperson has trouble formulating the meetings link and messaging options. Maybe this is already doable?

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Really a pain to manage manually, not knowing what links they have.


@hroberts or other Hubspot team members: this is shown as "in planning" since 2017????



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Manage meeting links, create templates etc. That's is not a privacy issue. Viewing the calender it is.. viewing the scheduled meetings isn't because it's company based.


Like in Calendly it's is possible to make templates user can use. And also see the appointments that are scheduled.


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We want to make meeting links on behalf of the users. Can't be that difficult would it?




Git 'er done!  This would be really useful, looking forward to this coming out.

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Sooo.... any actual movement on this feature yet? What say you, HubSpot?



Agreed! I manage our support inbox for customers and often times I send out different team member's calendar links where appropriate. We currently have a shared word file that contains everyone's meeting links and when to use them. It would be way easier to just have access to everyone's meeting links within HubSpot since that is where our support tickets come in to 😉

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I opened a support ticket today, as one of my users had a problem with his meeting link. A link that I, of course, could not see but only try to troubleshoot by sharing his screen.


The Hubspot Support person could not even see my user's link! and here I thought that the problem was merely that Super Admins cannot see the links... (sarcasm).


It is key to be able to view and edit meeting links for all users. I find the silence from Hubspot deafening. The product manager marked the idea as "in planning" in 2017 (!!!). No response since then in this thread. Direct inquiries to my account manager and customer success manager yield the same: absolute silence and no solution in sight.


This is functionality that we pay for.




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Yes, not only is it a meeting link issue but also, as a marketer, I often need to embed other people's meetings on the website. I also use these in workflows and contact lists to help automate various tasks.


I would like the ability to access all meetings so I can quickly grab the links or embed codes whenever needed.