Adjustable Columns in Contact & Company Views

PLEASE, PLEASE make the column width adjustable like Excel for example.  Salesforce has this capability which allows for seeing many more data points on the Contact Record.  Currently, I can see about 4-5 columns on a 24" monitor before I have to scroll over on the bottom of the page.  



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Yes - this update was rolled out by Hubspot several weeks ago; super exciting!

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues that was not addressed in this update is the problematic placement of the edit toolbar - meaning when you are on the company, contact, or deal overview pages (among others) and select the checkbox next to a specific record, the edit toolbar that appears at the top of the list covers the column titles entirely, making it a complete guessing game when you have similar column types (ie dates) beside one another.


The resizing column widths was a much-needed update - and is a huge improvement - but the column title visibility problem is still a major issue that needs addressing. Let's hope it doesn't take Hubspot another 2+ years to get this update rolled out 🙂

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Further to this, I want to be able to set my column width in "Contacts" to be as narrow as possible, by default.  Right now I spend time making them narrow, only to have them widen up again as soon as I leave and come back. 

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I believe that if you adjust the column sizes and save that view as a filter, the column widths will remain as you had set them when you revisit that specific filter.

What remains frustrating with this feature though, is that when you share a filter with another member of your team, the column widths do not save and each member of your team will see the columns as you set them but will need to adjust the column widths one by one, as those do not carry over.


Hopefully, Hubspot works this out and corrects it on the next update.

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@NCO, hi there, thanks so much for that workaround. That does work. (It bugs me to have more clicks than necessary, but it's better than nothing). Thank you!

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Yes, I need this every day! Thanks!

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Hi, It is very nice to be able to change size of any column, but minimun size is clamped : it mean if you have just a 3 digit id or a siple date your collumn size is still very big (It seems to be 15characters) .


The ideal would be to clamp to one character 🙂



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It would be great also to be able to change column size by numeric value .

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It doesn't work on most of my Lists. Specifically Tasks. (works just fine for Contacts)