Adjustable Columns in Contact & Company Views

PLEASE, PLEASE make the column width adjustable like Excel for example.  Salesforce has this capability which allows for seeing many more data points on the Contact Record.  Currently, I can see about 4-5 columns on a 24" monitor before I have to scroll over on the bottom of the page.  



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This would be extremely useful. Be great if you could add this function. At the moment I am going back to excell to get an easier overview.



HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Would be a good update for the users. Highly requested feature

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Please make the columns adjustable as soon as possible... I am not sure what happened today, but I know we were able to see the full name of the Companies previously.... 

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Another upvote for this please!

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Please upvote this so we can have it implemented! I have many unversities with mutiple departments, and all of the top level data cuts off before the university name is even finished.


VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVersity School of Public Relations

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVersity School of Business Management


Whereas "Number of Associated Contacts" "4" has the same amount of locked space for a numerical value field? 

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Hello Hubspot,  is anyone listening?  This request is in high demand and was initially requested 20 months ago with 77 upvotes.  I'm new to hubspot and this one issue is reducing my productivity!!!  Can we get a comment from product management on the feasibility of this feature?  Please respond...

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Absolutely!  I saw this after submitting a new one!

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Please implement this idea. The columns in the HubSpot CRM should be expandable to increase and decrease the limit column content visibility. 

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Is there any update on this feature request please?  Still very frustrating that this isn't available as a basic option.  Thank you

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

Hi everyone, we're getting close to releasing a new table for the contact/company/deal/ticket index page, which will include adjustable columns. We hope to open up a beta for this in the next few weeks. I'll reach back out here once the beta is open so you all can get access!