Adjustable Columns in Contact & Company Views

PLEASE, PLEASE make the column width adjustable like Excel for example.  Salesforce has this capability which allows for seeing many more data points on the Contact Record.  Currently, I can see about 4-5 columns on a 24" monitor before I have to scroll over on the bottom of the page.  



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HubSpot Employee

This feature would be very beneficial in both Contact, Companies and in the Deals dashboard. It allows more flexibilitiy to the user on how their data is shown. This would also be helpful to individuals using tablets on a day to day basis. Thanks guys Smiley Happy 

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When viewing columns on various pages, for example,  the 'Deals' page, columns are hard-sized and you are not able to expand them to view the details or adjust size to suit your view. I have several columns that are cut off and no way to see that information in it's current format. Very frustrating. I don't want to hoover over individual bits when I want to see the 'whole'. This is basic stuff when compared to any other proper CRM system. I know that functionality is lost when tools are geared up for tablet users, the 'finger tap' generation and that may be the case here as formatting a page is very different to that of a p.c 'click mouse' user. It would be much better if column resize could added.


I agree.  I'm new to hubspot and just spent way too long trying to figure out how to do this - it didn't occur to me that it wouldn't even be possible.

Is there not a Design View type of option somewhere that could allow this?

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I completely agree.  By making the columns adjustable one will be able to put more information upfront without having to scroll through it.    By the time you use name, phone number, and email the majority of the screen is already used and ironically it seems these very columns waste the most viewable space.  

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HubSpot Employee

I think that this is a fantastic idea!  Most columns have very little information, and I would benefit from making them narrower.  

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I agree!  How can we adjust the column widths in the Company view to see the entire field?

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Yes, PLEASE make this a feature!

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I am in the same spot as Ainulindale above - I've been trying to figure out how to do it and it didn't occur to me that it was not possible!

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Yes, similar to excel, would love to be able to adjust the column width. Additionally, when reports are received via email, if we could adjust the display within those fields as well, this would be helpful to see the full title vs having to click into the details of each line item. 

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Uhhhh... yeah! Obviously. I don't understand a) why this isn't an easy fix and done already since it's clearly necessary and b) why it seems no one has answered these requests here. I saw a hubspot employee respond but all they said was "yeah, I agree." Hello???? SO MUCH effort in every area and great work done on this platform........ but adjustable widths on columns? Seems like an easy and obvious fix that should be done now. 


Or now. 


But definitely right now.