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Addressing Extra and Main Team member limitations

I want to suggust to the HS product team that you address some of the limitations to Team membership. 


I recently learned that if a user is listed in a team as an 'Extra' team member, that this limits certain functions. For one thing, they cannot be included in round robins. 


I was excited by the potential for adding nested teams/subteams to larger teams, and adding users as 'extra' team members, as I felt this would provide several benefits. 


Example A: Regional sales team round robins. 


We have a team for our Enterprise Sales Department called "Enteprise Sales" the team includes any and all enterprise sales staff. 


I went and created 2 subteams: Enterprise East, and Enterprise West, since certain staff are assigned to west coast leads, and some are assigned to east coast leads. However, the sales reps had the East/West teams as their 'extra' team membership, and so when I went to add those nested teams to the round robin I discovered I wasn't allowed to because 'extra' team members do not show up in round robins, and the east/west teams consisted entirely of 'extra' team members.


At first I thought this was a simple fix and I could just make the 'parent' departmental enterprise sales team to their 'extra' team membership (since it isn't as important from workflows.) 


However, that ultimately did not appear to be an option, since 'extra' team members are not included on reports that are filtered by teams, and we have many dashboards/reports that are filtered on the primary, departmental, 'enterprise sales' team. 


2.) Workflow maintenance


Another reason I was excited for subteams and 'extra team' memberships was because I thought it would make workflows much easier to manage moving forward, especially as our company continues to grow and expand. 


For example: the average sales rep with a HS user account is incorporated into dozens of workflows. In the event that a sales rep leaves the company, or changes positions, we have to remember the 12+ workflows that need their steps and branches to be edited and updated whenever a staff person needs to be added or replaced. 


A HUGE improvement would be to create subteams that only include 1 single user (for example: creat a Subteam called "Regional Sales Manager: Florida" and then assign the Florida regional sales manager as the one and only team member.) 

Then our plan was to edit all of our workflows so that no branch is ever based around a specific user account, but rather steps and branches are based around that user's unique subteam. That way, if our Florida Regional Sales Manager leaves the company or changes roles, and somebody new is placed in that position, the only thing I need to edit is that new user's HubSpot Subteam, as opposed to spending tons of time editing dozens of workflows, and risking forgetting or neglecting to update one or two. 

I'm honestly not certain what the function or utility is to subteams and 'extra VS main' team membership if users are limited to 1 main team and 'extra team' membership limits reporting, round robins, routing and notifications. Freeing it up so that people can be on multiple teams and still have all of the available features of a 'main team member' seems like it would 10x the value of having users on multiple teams. 


I hope this feedback is helpful. 

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I'm entirely in agreement. I just tried to assign a custom sidebar to a Team I created with members from several other teams. Unfortunately, that makes them "extra" members of the new team, and consequently, the custom sidebar doesn't work for them. I cannot move them out of their current teams b/c I need them there for other reasons. This is a big limitation with teams in HubSpot. I don't even know why there is the option to have nested teams or multiple teams. They're all basically handicapped, so they do nothing.


This has been a pain in my side for a long time now and i was hoping that hubspot would update the team functionality. I often need a whole region to be in the same Main team e.g. USA but then i have them split by New Business vs Account Management (sub-teams). Now when a new business deal is won - i want to send it to the new business team, but workflows dont work for sub-teams, and therefore its always manually selecting contacts. I've tried swapping the main and sub team set up around - but ultimately its so much work to maintain and ensure everyone is in the right teams.