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Additional workflow delay option

I love the upgrades to the delays in workflows! However, it would also be nice to identify a specific date to complete the next action. For specific events we use workflows to manage a campaign with the workflow goal being to register for the event.  It would be nice to just specify the dates we would like the emails to be sent on (similar to email scheduling), rather than constantly having to count out and track days for the delay.


For instance - let's say an event is on March 1st.

- The workflow will be turned on January 2nd - sending the first email.

- The next reminder would go out specifically on January 30th.

- Then maybe a phone call from their rep on February 4th.

- Another email February 15th.

- Final call from rep February 23rd.

- Final email February 27th.


After the date, we could just turn the workflow off until the next date. Once the next event needs to start, we would just quickly adjust the dates and turn the workflow back on.