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Additional workflow capability - unenroll upon email response

Add the ability to remove a contact from a workflow if contact responds to an email. 


1. Important when a contact response might warrant a different email subject or removal entirely. 


2. It is much like sequences with the added ability to measure response, click through and open rate. 




I want to enroll the user in a workflow to get feedback on the product. Plan to send 3 emails asking for feedback 2 days between each. 


Email 1 - "Hey we want to get some feedback on x"

Contact Response - "I'm not the right person to ask"


Unless I personally un-enroll the user, they will get the second and third email. 



This feature would also help with sales as you could use the workflows to enroll users in sales workflows and get reporting on the messages. 

HubSpot Updates
January 24, 2022 10:17 AM

Closing out this thread since email reply tracking went live to all as a feature in 2021. Thanks, everyone!

In Beta
December 17, 2020 05:09 AM

Hi everyone,


Marketing email reply tracking across HubSpot is currently in beta. Included with this new feature, are additional list criteria related to marketing email replies. This means that marketing email replies can be used in workflow supression lists or as workflow goal criteria, for the purpose of unenrolling contacts who have replied to certain marketing emails 😀


Please follow this thread for the most up to date information about that beta:




Being Reviewed
April 20, 2020 05:36 AM

Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. Currently, marketing email replies aren't tracked in HubSpot, and until they are, the workflows tool won't be able to unenroll a contact from a workflow based on a marketing email reply.


However, the great news is that the email team is currently working on marketing email reply tracking! Once that work is complete, the workflows team will be able to review introducing unenrollment functionality based on that reply information. To stay in the loop on the email team's work on marketing email reply tracking, please follow along on this other ideas forum post:


Thank you for your comments and feedback, and I will follow up again when we have more information.




April 06, 2017 05:37 PM

When you are creating a workflow, instead of having to manually count out how many days to delay the next action, we need a calendar option instead. A pop up calendar that we could select the date in the month we want to set. That would be so much more efficient and accurate.

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When you are creating a workflow, instead of having to manually count out how many days to delay the next action, we need a calendar option instead. A pop up calendar that we could select the date in the month we want to set. That would be so much more efficient and accurate.

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Hi there, 


I think it would be a very useful function to include the option "answered to email" in a workflow in goals as well as inside the filters. 


This could make the workflow tool even more accurate when it comes to contacting the right people with further emails. 





Great idea. Came here to post it myself


Similar to our contact us form, it'd be great if we could automate the funneling of leads to the appropriate teams based on a response to an email. This is currently not an option in the workflow creating section of hubspot


Our company has just started working with HubSpot for marketing automation, and it was our understanding that contacts who respond to emails are automatically unenrolled from a workflow. However, this is not the case. For now, we're dealing with a small number of contacts, but it will quickly grow to 7,000+. Manually unenrolling contacts who respond to one of the emails in our workflows will not be a viable solution long-term. Please consider tracking responses to emails! 


I want to set up an If/Then branch based on email reply to an email going out in the workflow. Basically looking to do: IF they reply, THEN unenroll from workflow. IF they do not reply, Send 2nd email. 

Currently, the only trigger options include things like  "contact received but hasn't opened email" etc. 


Since it's sending email from CRM, it should be able to track replies and therefore be able to trigger the If/Then branch!! 


I agree with this idea wholeheartedly. 


There is no tracking of email responses in the workflow tool, which is very frustrating considering how much capability there is for email monitoring and notifications on the sales side. Creating a criteria/trigger option in workflows that is based on someone responding to an email would be so helpful. Right now the strongest signal we have is someone opening an email, which really doesn't provide a lot of information. Please add email responses to the workflow tool!


We are a current power workflow user.


Some of our workflows look like Christmas Trees. Having the ability to remove a lead / contact from a workflow upon email response (like your sequencing capability) would be huge for marketing and would reduce the need for sales to "manually" remove somebody from a workflow.

Please develop this capability ASAP...

Pretty please and thank you!



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Agreed, in general, tieing workflow activities and/or goals to user behavior with emails or with sales (so tied to timeline activity) would be very helpful.

This is especially important in re-engagement campaigns



 Would love to have this feature as well. It's hard to send relevant emails from a personal email address without this feature.


I agree, this would be really helpful for me as well!


Several other Marketing Automation platforms that I've used provide the ability to track replies for the marketing email sequences.  This provides analytics to know if someone engaged the sender directly asking a question or moving forward in the process.  We would love to be able to not only understand replies but also be able to set goals/triggers to be able to remove someone from a workflow if they do reply.  Other marketing automation platforms I've used have separated out the out of office replies in a paused category that you can reinstate into the campaign later (vs. removing them seeing the out of office as a reply).  This is a metric I've used quite a bit in the past and would love to have this available in HubSpot marketing automation as well.  Thanks!


Voting for this. Would be great to trigger a workflow when a contact replies to an email via outlook or gmail.


Even if we could just have a workflow goal to be "replied to marketing email" that would be incredibly useful in obtaining another metric for customer engagement.

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Agreed, this would be a big help


Would like to see all replies within hubspot for all emails sent please!


I added a goal to my workflow "Activity Type is equal to email reply from contact" so that I could automatically remove conacts from the campaign workflow when they replied to an email. But I noticed that field only works if you manually go into the contacts page and log an email in "Log Activity." This is difficult to log when contacts reply to anyone other than myself and extremely manual. It would be nice to add another property such as "email reply received" so the system could identify an email reply and we can add that action to an entire workflow/goal. Currently, I can only select "opened" or "clicked" one specific email, but workflows can contain many emails and those actions don't necessarily warrant interest. 


Need it.


Please add this feature - it is very important to our work




I think it would be really helpful to add a tracking mechanism to see if contacts reply to an email. We have run into several instances where this feature would enhance our workflows.